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Crueler sonnets were never wrote at all [entries|friends|calendar]

inquiries made in present tense.
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♥ 21st Birthday! [ 20th Apr 10 pm ]
My 21st birthday was this past Thursday, April 16th, 2009.

I arrived at Bdubs around 6:15pm with Sean. I was greeted by Jarrod at the entrance to the bar. He said "OH! Wait! The first step is a big one. Wait for it.. okay step!" and I walked in (:. My dad greeted me at my table and hugged me and I saw a dozen different colored roses in a beautiful vase, which Steven's mom Shelley & step-dad Jerry bought for me. My dad bought himself, Jarrod, Sean & I a round of Rumplemintz shots (peppermint Schnapps). Surprisingly not bad at all. We all ordered drinks, my dad bought me a Vodka & Red Bull which tasted amazingly like a Monster energy drink. Some random lady bought me two more Vodka & Red Bulls, and a shot of tequila (which I refused to take, eugh).

Ernie, my favorite manager, then showed up, as well as Kayla and her friend Julia, and Ryan Green. Ernie bought him and I an Irish Car Bomb apiece, which is about 3/4 a glass of Guinness, and a shot glass of Bailey's Irish Cream mixed with an Irish Whiskey. He intstructed me how to drink it, which was by dropping the entire shotglass itself in the glass of Guiness and then chugging it in one drink quickly. After chugging it, all the guys said I did great because even they can't drink it all in one chug. It tasted like chocolate milk... not bad.

Ryan Green bought him and I both a Lunchbox, which is the same concept as the Irish Car Bomb, only with beer and orange juice in a glass, and amaretto in a shot. That one wasn't so good, haha. Then he bought us both a shot of Southern Comfort & Lime, which was pretty damn tasty.

Jarrod bought a round of Starry Nights.. which is a shot of Jagermeister mixed with Goldschlager. Nasty! Haha. By this time, Dawn showed up with a cake, I was pretty damn tipsy, my Aunt Kathy showed up, and so did Thelma and the owner of Bdubs, Tony. This is when things start getting hazy.

I took a few trips back to the kitchen, took lots of pictures with people I work with, went out to the patio with everybody. Well, Dawn decided to buy a pitcher of Cuervo Margarita, and sat it in front of me. Needless to say, I drank some of it. It was the first time I'd ever drank Tequila.. and DEFINITELY the last. Around 9:30pm, I was on the patio having a great time with everybody when I had to sit down and asked Jarrod to bring me the trash can. From then on out, I puked for about an hour and cried in gut wrenching pain because my stomach hurt so fucking badly. I really don't remember much, besides shoving the trash can out of my way because I was upset I kept sticking my hand in vomit, and laying down on my stomach on the patio cement ground.

I blacked out, came back to myself vomiting on the ground while I laid there, felt someone pull my pants up a little (turned out to be Ashley). I felt someone pull my hair back, which turned out to be Ashley as well. Apparently Jamie Mills came out, took the loose ponytail out, and pulled my hair into a bun even though she was getting vomit on her hands (:. I blacked out again, came back to and my hair was hurting my head and I couldn't get the ponytail out and I remember crying "Take it ouuutttt" and I felt someone take it out (which turned out to be Chuck), and I blacked out again. I came back to, rolled over holding my head in pain while crying and looked upt o see a whole bunch f people I didn't know were there. Next thing I remember, Jarrod and my Dad are picking me up off the ground trying to get me to go to Sean's car, but I couldn't without throwing up so I sat back down and started puking in the trash can again. I black out yet again, come back to and see my cousin Cody bent down in front of me trying to help me, and I didn't even know he came out. I remember crying "Oh Cody" and hugging him, then I blacked out yet again. Once Jarrod and my dad finally got me to get up, they walked me to Sean's car, I laid down in the backseat and immediately started crying and felt like vomiting again. I yelled "Daddd I need the bag I'm going to get sick" and he handed me a trash bag as fast as possible. Only problem was, it wasn't open, and I couldn't open it myself, and I wound up puking all in Sean's backseat hahaha. I wound up grabbing something cloth and crying wihle saying "Sean.. I have no clue what this is but I just puked on it" and he goes "OHHH IS THAT MY MANAGER SHIRT?! You can have it now!"

Over the course of the last few days, I've slowly learned details about my birthday which I don't remember one bit from other people. I learned that Tisha came out to the patio while I was laying on the ground puking in pain, laid down head to head with me and rubbed my head telling me everything was going to be alright. She said that she had to go back inside to work, but when she came back outside, Jarrod, Ashley and Ryan were all laying on the ground with me trying to comfort me.. which I just find very very cute and it makes me happy inside. Travis, the bartender, told me that he actually came outside and officially cut me off, even though there's no possible way I could have drank anything else haha. Ryan told me he played Tool "Sober" for me while I was laying on the ground puking. I remember that no matter who was beside me while I was puking, I kept crying for Jarrod. And once Tisha went inside to get Jarrod telling him that I kept calling for him and I needed him for comfort, he sobered up, came outside and never left my side from that point on. He rubbed my back, told me I was a champ for doing so well the rest of the night, and told me he loved me and hugged me and basically just took care of me. He's such a good guy, I love him.

I guess I'll leave with the pictures from that night. There are a few pictures around of me being sick, but I'll spare you all, haha.

Julia, Kayla, Sean, Thelma, Jamie Harmon, Jarrod, Dawn and Me.

Lots of pictures this way (:Collapse )

Even though I got sick, it was definitely my favorite birthday ever. I was so glad so many people came out to celebrate with me. I'll never, ever forget my 21st birthday (:
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♥ I always forget I have this journal. [ 28th Feb 5 am ]
I need to quit neglecting it :(

Vegas and California were AMAZINGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG. If you wanna see pictures from my vacation, they're all up on my myspace, and my myspace is public so you can see them (:

Photos: In The City Of Sin

Photos: In The City Of Angels

I'm working on editing all the videos I took on vacation into a short movie, I'll be sure to post it here when I'm done. Just so you know, The Price Is Right was so fun! I had such a blast, I'll neverrrr forget it.

On to other things.

During my 20th birthday last year, I developed Infectious Mononucleosis. I had to go to the ER and get blood tests and throat cultures to get diagnosed. They gave me no medicine, because apparently Infectious Mononucleosis is a self-contained infection and can't be treated. My hospital bill was $500, and I have totally been planning to pay that full $500 within a month of coming home from vacation earlier this month. Well, I got a summons to court a couple of weeks before I went to Vegas. My court date was this Monday (February 23rd).

So, my mom goes with me to court on Monday. My judge was David Hopper. Really nice guy. Apparently St. Johns is suing everybody who has unpaid bills, because everyone in the courtroom was in there because of St. Johns. Judge Hopper said he wasn't even gonna make us come up and talk to him, he'd just let us chat with the lady who was there from Med 1 to set up settlement agreements and payment plans. Luckily I was the first one, and she took me into a little room and we set up my payment plan. I paid $250 cash right up front, and I have to pay $100 a month (at least.. I'll most likely pay more) until it's paid off. UNFORTUNATELY with the attorney's fees and court costs, it brought my bill up to $950. RIDICULOUS.

Conclusion: I'm never going to a hospital again.

Monday night, Stormi was staying the night with me and we wound up going over to Rachel and Jarrod's house with a bunch of other coworkers and hanging out playing Scene It while some of them drank. It was definitely an amazing time, I can't wait to hang out with all of them more outside of work. We stayed there til about 4:30am, came back to my house, and Stormi and I passed outtttt.

Thursday, I get home from work around 1am to find a newspaper on the coffee table. This was the front page:

My judge died the night after my court appearance. It's so sad, he was such a nice guy. My mom has pictures of her and him together while she was pregnant with me. :(

Well, it's almost 6am, I suppose I should lay down. I promise to write in here more!
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♥ Otherworldly Contemplations. [ 14th Jan 7 pm ]
[ mood | contemplative ]

A photo taken by the Hubble in 2003. These are the most distant objects ever photographed. More than 13 billion light years away. Every dot in this image is an entire galaxy. Every galaxy contains up to 1 trillion (1,000,000,000,000) stars. Each star may have a system of planets. There are over 10,000 galaxies in this photo alone. See the large yellow star in the bottom right hand corner? That large galaxy contains 8 times as many stars as our Milky Way Galaxy. It is so large, it technically shouldn't exist according to current physics theories.

My mind is plagued daily- even nightly as I try to fall asleep- by thoughts of this Universe we exist in.

We live on Planet Earth. Planet Earth exists in our solar system. Our solar system is part of the Milky Way Galaxy. The Milky Way Galaxy is one of only millions- if not billions, trillions- of galaxies existing in the Universe. But how big is the Universe? Is it just boundlessly large? Or is there some sort of edge? And if there's an edge, what is beyond it?

We can't look beyond our visible horizon of the Universe. What is the horizon of a civilization that exists on our horizon? What about civilizations on the edge of their horizon? The region of the Universe that's visible by us could be an infinitely small fraction of the whole universe.

We know how stars are made. We know how planets are made. We know how solar systems work. We know how galaxies work. How was the Universe made? If you believe in the "big bang" theory, the big bang created a "shockwave" of sorts, which goes outwards until it hits a boundary and ends. Since our universe as we know it has no boundaries, this shockwave is going infinitely outwards, causing our universe to expand as we speak. And that's a known fact in astronomy- the universe is ever-expanding. Behind the shockwave, where it's already passed (where we exist), there is space, time & matter. On the other side of the shockwave, there is nothingness. No space, no time, and no matter.

I don't know if I can believe that nothingness exists beyond our universe. I want to believe in the theory of multiverses- otherwise known as parallel universes. But how that would work is beyond my comprehension as well. Is this universe part of a cluster of universes that rotates around something bigger? I wonder if the universe exceeds three dimensions and bounds into the 4th dimension. I guess I shouldn't fret, because nobody else understands these things either. It's just beyond our earthly knowledge and experience. If nothingness does exist- I wonder what color it would be.

I believe we are not the only life in this universe. To say we were would be incredibly naive. I've always believed in life on other planets. And while there may not be life on planets in our own solar system- there has to be life on at least one planet in another galaxy in our so called infinite universe. I wish so badly for us to make contact with an otherworldly civilization. But would they be advanced enough to understand us? I doubt we'd even be able to communicate with them even if they were standing right in front of us. What are the odds they would understand our language? What if our body language meant complete opposite things to them? I wonder if they'd even be as far advanced as us. Maybe they are just creatures- otherworldly animals. Whatever they are- I know they are out there.

What do you think is beyond the universe? Do you think there's a wall of sorts? Do you think it's truly infinite & unbounded, and is absolute nothingness? What do you think would happen if we ever made contact with an otherworldly civilization?
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♥ Dear Grand Canyon: [ 10th Jan 4 pm ]
The last time I saw you, on December 4th 2007, you looked like this:

The next time I see you, on January 30th 2009, you will look like this:

Oh, how this vacation keeps shaping up to be the best vacation ever!
(: (: (:
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♥ Dad's Wreck [ 10th Jan 3 am ]
[ mood | sad ]

My dad was in a wreck while on his way to pick me up to take me to work tonight.

I was scheduled for work at 6pm. He left his house around 5:30 to come to my house. He should have been at my house by 5:40 or 5:45. I called him at 5:54 and asked him where he was. All I heard was "I'm around the corner sis," and then his phone cut out. So I called work and told Rick that I'd be a few minutes late. I waited.. 15 minutes go by and my dad's still not at my house. I call him back and he goes "Sis I'm around the corner, I've been hit and I'm in a lot of pain".

I told him to stay put and I'd be right there. I called TJ, my General Manager who is good friends with my dad and I, and told him my dad was in a wreck, he's hurt, I don't know how badly, and that I don't know how late I'd be or if I'd be able to come in.. and I was crying while telling him. It had sunk in that my dad was hurt. He told me not to even worry about it, just to let him know if my dad's okay or not and if we needed him for anything.

I locked up my house, left and walked literally two blocks away to 28th & Pitt Street, where I saw about 5 cop cars with their lights flashing and a tow truck. All the lights were so confusing, I walked around for a minute until I figured out where my dad was. His car was being hooked up to the tow truck, about to be lifted, and he was leaning into his car. His arm was tucked into his jacket, holding his ribs, and his glasses were nowhere to be found. He's blind as a bat without his glasses. I ask him if he's really okay and he says he's in a lot of pain around his ribs and his head is all banged up. I look around for his glasses along with a cop, but we can't find them.

My Dad was driving down 28th Street, and he was at the intersection of Pitt Street, when out of nowhere a person blindsided him and hit the front driver's side of his car, causing his car to spin and lose control and hit a truck with the back end of his car. I thank god he wasn't further into the intersection or else he would have been T-Boned.

His car is totaled. His glasses flew out of the car on impact and across the street. They're smashed and broken to pieces. We found one lens, but it's scuffed up too bad to even use. He got hit so hard that both airbags deployed. I'm also very thankful he was wearing his seatbelt and that his car had airbags.

He said it all happened so fast that all he remembers is driving and then the next thing he remembers is a little old lady peeking her head into the car asking if he was okay.

While we were waiting on the cop to file the accident report, my dad called work to talk to TJ on my phone. TJ told my Dad he'd come over as soon as he could. So we walked back to my house, very slowly because my Dad was in so much pain, and waited for about 15-20 minutes until TJ pulled up. He came in, said he got lost trying to find my house and even went back to his house to MapQuest it, haha. After telling the rest of what happened to TJ, we all got in TJ's truck and we dropped my Dad off at his house (even though we wanted him to go to the hospital- but my Dad's very stubborn). Then TJ took me to work.

I got to work at 7:30pm. I was shaking like craaaaazy, and everybody kept asking me if I was okay and if my Dad was okay. (My Dad's a manager at my place of work). This whole ordeal has been all I've been able to think about all day and night. We don't even know WHO hit my dad.. we don't even know if it was a man or a woman. I guess they talked to the police and left the scene before even talking to my dad and seeing if he was okay. And that just pisses me off.

I took a couple photos of the car. Here they are:

That's where he got hit.

That's where he spun and hit a truck.

That's more from the impact.

I can't help but feel partially responsible for this. I just keep thinking about how he wouldn't have gotten hit if he wasn't coming to pick me up for work. I know I shouldn't torture myself with "what if's", but it's hard not to think about it.

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♥ Vegas Plans Upgraded (: [ 7th Jan 4 pm ]
[ mood | ecstatic ]

Storm just called me.
Somehow Stephany (being the genius that she is) got us rooms at the STRATOSPHERE Hotel, instead of the Super 8 Motel.

It has rollercoasters and rides on the very top, and a topless pool on like the 22nd floor.

Holy Shit.
These next 3 weeks can't pass fast enough.
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[ 13th Nov 7 pm ]
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♥ Chicago & Riot Fest. [ 20th Oct 2 am ]
[ mood | tired ]

Last weekend was amazing. It was definitely a time I'll remember for the rest of my life.
This is VERY long. But it's interesting, I SWEAR.

Epic Post containing Hooker Boots, Tampon Coke, & Riot FestCollapse )

I will be back to finish this entry later, it might be in a separate post.
I still have to talk about Horrorpops & Mighty Mighty Bosstones.
And I have a lot of pictures of both of them :D
I need to sleep for now though.
Thank you for anyone who read this entire thing so far!
I love you! :]

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♥ But the wind blew me back via Chicago [ 10th Oct 10 am ]
In the middle of the night
And all without fight
At the crush of veils and starlight

I know I'll make it back
One of these days and turn on your TV
To watch a man with a face like mine
Being chased down a busy street
When he gets caught, I wont get up
And I wont go to sleep
I'm coming home, I'm coming home
Via Chicago.

I'll be in the wonderful town of Chicago all weekend! Maree and I are leaving in one hour :]

I'm so excited for Riot Fest today, but more so on Sunday because the Horrorpops are playing. Saturday will be spent with Maree in Chinatown and the like, and if everything goes as planned I will be spending some time with my dear Anthony King. I'm pretty sure I haven't seen him since the last time I went to Chicago and stayed with him for a week, for my 18th birthday almost three years ago.

Good times and many photographs are in store for the near future.

765-610-5696. Feel free to text me at any time this weekend :].
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♥ Movies of 2008 [ 1st Oct 11 pm ]
[ mood | bored ]

The movies I remember watching this year:

She Sells Sex By The Sea ShoreCollapse )
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