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♥ 21st Birthday!

My 21st birthday was this past Thursday, April 16th, 2009.

I arrived at Bdubs around 6:15pm with Sean. I was greeted by Jarrod at the entrance to the bar. He said "OH! Wait! The first step is a big one. Wait for it.. okay step!" and I walked in (:. My dad greeted me at my table and hugged me and I saw a dozen different colored roses in a beautiful vase, which Steven's mom Shelley & step-dad Jerry bought for me. My dad bought himself, Jarrod, Sean & I a round of Rumplemintz shots (peppermint Schnapps). Surprisingly not bad at all. We all ordered drinks, my dad bought me a Vodka & Red Bull which tasted amazingly like a Monster energy drink. Some random lady bought me two more Vodka & Red Bulls, and a shot of tequila (which I refused to take, eugh).

Ernie, my favorite manager, then showed up, as well as Kayla and her friend Julia, and Ryan Green. Ernie bought him and I an Irish Car Bomb apiece, which is about 3/4 a glass of Guinness, and a shot glass of Bailey's Irish Cream mixed with an Irish Whiskey. He intstructed me how to drink it, which was by dropping the entire shotglass itself in the glass of Guiness and then chugging it in one drink quickly. After chugging it, all the guys said I did great because even they can't drink it all in one chug. It tasted like chocolate milk... not bad.

Ryan Green bought him and I both a Lunchbox, which is the same concept as the Irish Car Bomb, only with beer and orange juice in a glass, and amaretto in a shot. That one wasn't so good, haha. Then he bought us both a shot of Southern Comfort & Lime, which was pretty damn tasty.

Jarrod bought a round of Starry Nights.. which is a shot of Jagermeister mixed with Goldschlager. Nasty! Haha. By this time, Dawn showed up with a cake, I was pretty damn tipsy, my Aunt Kathy showed up, and so did Thelma and the owner of Bdubs, Tony. This is when things start getting hazy.

I took a few trips back to the kitchen, took lots of pictures with people I work with, went out to the patio with everybody. Well, Dawn decided to buy a pitcher of Cuervo Margarita, and sat it in front of me. Needless to say, I drank some of it. It was the first time I'd ever drank Tequila.. and DEFINITELY the last. Around 9:30pm, I was on the patio having a great time with everybody when I had to sit down and asked Jarrod to bring me the trash can. From then on out, I puked for about an hour and cried in gut wrenching pain because my stomach hurt so fucking badly. I really don't remember much, besides shoving the trash can out of my way because I was upset I kept sticking my hand in vomit, and laying down on my stomach on the patio cement ground.

I blacked out, came back to myself vomiting on the ground while I laid there, felt someone pull my pants up a little (turned out to be Ashley). I felt someone pull my hair back, which turned out to be Ashley as well. Apparently Jamie Mills came out, took the loose ponytail out, and pulled my hair into a bun even though she was getting vomit on her hands (:. I blacked out again, came back to and my hair was hurting my head and I couldn't get the ponytail out and I remember crying "Take it ouuutttt" and I felt someone take it out (which turned out to be Chuck), and I blacked out again. I came back to, rolled over holding my head in pain while crying and looked upt o see a whole bunch f people I didn't know were there. Next thing I remember, Jarrod and my Dad are picking me up off the ground trying to get me to go to Sean's car, but I couldn't without throwing up so I sat back down and started puking in the trash can again. I black out yet again, come back to and see my cousin Cody bent down in front of me trying to help me, and I didn't even know he came out. I remember crying "Oh Cody" and hugging him, then I blacked out yet again. Once Jarrod and my dad finally got me to get up, they walked me to Sean's car, I laid down in the backseat and immediately started crying and felt like vomiting again. I yelled "Daddd I need the bag I'm going to get sick" and he handed me a trash bag as fast as possible. Only problem was, it wasn't open, and I couldn't open it myself, and I wound up puking all in Sean's backseat hahaha. I wound up grabbing something cloth and crying wihle saying "Sean.. I have no clue what this is but I just puked on it" and he goes "OHHH IS THAT MY MANAGER SHIRT?! You can have it now!"

Over the course of the last few days, I've slowly learned details about my birthday which I don't remember one bit from other people. I learned that Tisha came out to the patio while I was laying on the ground puking in pain, laid down head to head with me and rubbed my head telling me everything was going to be alright. She said that she had to go back inside to work, but when she came back outside, Jarrod, Ashley and Ryan were all laying on the ground with me trying to comfort me.. which I just find very very cute and it makes me happy inside. Travis, the bartender, told me that he actually came outside and officially cut me off, even though there's no possible way I could have drank anything else haha. Ryan told me he played Tool "Sober" for me while I was laying on the ground puking. I remember that no matter who was beside me while I was puking, I kept crying for Jarrod. And once Tisha went inside to get Jarrod telling him that I kept calling for him and I needed him for comfort, he sobered up, came outside and never left my side from that point on. He rubbed my back, told me I was a champ for doing so well the rest of the night, and told me he loved me and hugged me and basically just took care of me. He's such a good guy, I love him.

I guess I'll leave with the pictures from that night. There are a few pictures around of me being sick, but I'll spare you all, haha.

Julia, Kayla, Sean, Thelma, Jamie Harmon, Jarrod, Dawn and Me.

Julia & Kayla

The cake Dawn brought, me being a drunk, and the margarita and margarita pitcher that killed me.

Dawn & I

My Aunt Kathy and I. She's my 2nd mom.

Jarrod and I! This is my favorite picture.

I cut my Dad's head off a little. I was having difficulties, because I broke my camera when I was drunk.

I love this picture of my Dad and I (:

Tony, my boss / the owner of Bdubs, and Tara, my server for the night.

Giving Aunt Kathy smooches.

I was apparently sooo excited to see Thelma, haha.

Rachel! Jarrod's baby mama & soon to be fiance' (:. I love her!

I cut Sean's head off, too. Him, Thelma & I.

TJ, my General Manager.

Thelma and I, and Josh P in the background.

Josh P and I. Obviously trashed. I'm drunk in all of these pictures though.

TJ and I

Rick... this picture grosses me out hahaha.

Michelle and Melissa and I! We all refer to them as "The Girls". They're the lesbian couple who works in the kitchen. Love them!

Another one since I cut Melissa's head off the first time haha.

Tisha closed her eyes.

Tisha again.

Kayla and I (:

Jarrod. My nose! Hahaha.

Jarrod and I. I'm very sad this picture is blurry, it would've been adooorable!

Jarrod and I again. We took like 4 pictures trying to get a good one since I'd broken my camera.

Tony & I.

Ryan Green & I, shortly before I got sick.

Ryan Green and I again.

Even though I got sick, it was definitely my favorite birthday ever. I was so glad so many people came out to celebrate with me. I'll never, ever forget my 21st birthday (:
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