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♥ I always forget I have this journal.

I need to quit neglecting it :(

Vegas and California were AMAZINGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG. If you wanna see pictures from my vacation, they're all up on my myspace, and my myspace is public so you can see them (:

Photos: In The City Of Sin

Photos: In The City Of Angels

I'm working on editing all the videos I took on vacation into a short movie, I'll be sure to post it here when I'm done. Just so you know, The Price Is Right was so fun! I had such a blast, I'll neverrrr forget it.

On to other things.

During my 20th birthday last year, I developed Infectious Mononucleosis. I had to go to the ER and get blood tests and throat cultures to get diagnosed. They gave me no medicine, because apparently Infectious Mononucleosis is a self-contained infection and can't be treated. My hospital bill was $500, and I have totally been planning to pay that full $500 within a month of coming home from vacation earlier this month. Well, I got a summons to court a couple of weeks before I went to Vegas. My court date was this Monday (February 23rd).

So, my mom goes with me to court on Monday. My judge was David Hopper. Really nice guy. Apparently St. Johns is suing everybody who has unpaid bills, because everyone in the courtroom was in there because of St. Johns. Judge Hopper said he wasn't even gonna make us come up and talk to him, he'd just let us chat with the lady who was there from Med 1 to set up settlement agreements and payment plans. Luckily I was the first one, and she took me into a little room and we set up my payment plan. I paid $250 cash right up front, and I have to pay $100 a month (at least.. I'll most likely pay more) until it's paid off. UNFORTUNATELY with the attorney's fees and court costs, it brought my bill up to $950. RIDICULOUS.

Conclusion: I'm never going to a hospital again.

Monday night, Stormi was staying the night with me and we wound up going over to Rachel and Jarrod's house with a bunch of other coworkers and hanging out playing Scene It while some of them drank. It was definitely an amazing time, I can't wait to hang out with all of them more outside of work. We stayed there til about 4:30am, came back to my house, and Stormi and I passed outtttt.

Thursday, I get home from work around 1am to find a newspaper on the coffee table. This was the front page:

My judge died the night after my court appearance. It's so sad, he was such a nice guy. My mom has pictures of her and him together while she was pregnant with me. :(

Well, it's almost 6am, I suppose I should lay down. I promise to write in here more!
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